Buck Full Moon Tarot Night and Sound Healing Saturday July 1st 6:30PM with Serena Misquez

Buck Full Moon Tarot Night with Serena in July

Join Serena Misquez and Cary for Sound and Spirit Full Moon Tarot Night on Saturday, July 1st at 6:30pm!

A sound bath, channeled messages and Tarot reading to align your chakras, restore resonance, and connect with your Guides.

In July, the North and South Nodes of our birth charts will shift into Capricorn and Cancer. These are both powerful signs related to goals, ambition, career and financial opportunity. What have you been focusing on in this area of your life, and where can you receive more support? There are several messages waiting for you at this time.

Spiritually, the Buck Moon is one of the biggest and brightest supermoons of the year – and what an opportunity to tap in to this brilliant energy! One of the biggest themes, which Serena relayed to us last month is the reaping and harvesting of all your hard work. This was very clear in the June Full Moon reading – choose faith over fear – we are now “getting ready for takeoff”!

The energy of the full Buck Moon signifies that our heart’s desires are coming to pass, and we’re going to receive the rewards of everything we’ve been striving for. This is a Full Moon of gratitude and reflection on the activities of the past 7 months.

Come and join us on this magical evening, set your intentions and receive the messages waiting for you. We can bet that the spiritual realm is ready to reward you for a job well done!

Saturday, July 1 @ 6:30pm
$55 Energy Exchange
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Buck moon
What to Expect

Cary will start the evening with a sound bath, guiding you in to a deeply relaxed state of meditation while the waves of sound surround you and absorb into the mind and body.

Serena opens her channel and will deliver messages as they arrive – there may be moments of spontaneous transmission from Serena before the sound bath resumes, which makes the gathering even more special and powerful.

Afterward, Serena will draw the Tarot cards for the final group messages. There will be a few minutes for questions and feedback before we conclude.