Full Moon Tarot Night and Sound Healing Wednesday August 30th 6:30PM with Serena Misquez

Full Blue Moon in Pisces Sound & Spirit Tarot Night

Join Cary and special guest Serena Misquez for the next Full Moon Sound & Spirit Tarot Night on Wednesday, August 30th! A sound bath, channeled messages and Tarot reading to align your chakras, restore resonance, and connect with your Guides. 

The August 30th full moon in Pisces is the SECOND full moon in August – this phenomenon won’t happen again until 2037.

“The Full Moon in Pisces with the Sun in Virgo highlights the balance between order and chaos in our lives. This is an especially sensitive Astrological event and we may find ourselves overwhelmed by our feelings or the energies around us, even if we are not usually open to these subtle energies. This is an excellent time for daydreaming, imaginative energy, compassion and calm, flowing easily with whatever changes may come. Our powers of empathy are likely to be strong around this time and we have an increased awareness of humanity, indeed all of life on Earth as a united whole.

Virgo and Pisces both share an urge to give service, to devote ourselves to something more than our personal journey or our material security. Whether it’s an idea, a higher “being” or simply humanity as a collective, our actions take on a deeper meaning when we dedicate them to our chosen vision of the greater good. Giving service in this way reminds us that we are all connected, that we are all one, and this is a key message of the Full Moon in Pisces”. – Kelli Fox

Come and join us on this magical evening, set your intentions and receive the messages waiting for you. 
Wednesday, August 30 @ 6:30pm
$55 Energy Exchange
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Blue Moon Supermoon

SOURCE: The Independent

What to Expect

Cary will start the evening with a sound bath, guiding you in to a deeply relaxed state of meditation while the waves of sound surround you and absorb into the mind and body.

Serena opens her channel and will deliver messages as they arrive – there may be moments of spontaneous transmission from Serena before the sound bath resumes, which makes the gathering even more special and powerful.

Afterward, Serena will draw the Tarot cards for the final group messages. There will be a few minutes for questions and feedback before we conclude.