Full Flower Moon + Lunar Eclipse Tarot Night with Serena in May

Join Serena Misquez and Cary for Sound and Spirit Full Moon Tarot Night on Friday, May 5th!

This month’s Full Moon in Scorpio (while in the sun sign of Taurus) is known as the Flower Moon, and is especially powerful as it will also be a Lunar Eclipse. Astrologically, this is a time to focus on your Relationship With Yourself.

“This moon asks us to be vulnerable so we can become more intimate with ourselves and others… an opportunity to make your way to the other side and continue to expand and evolve. The name of this moon is fitting, because every flower starts out as a seed, buried in the dark, damp soil. Nature knows that darkness has its purpose and will lead you to the light.”– Sofia Adler

The Lunar Eclipse adds another layer of intensity: this Lunar eclipse is all about letting go, and since Scorpio is a transformational sign, we’re being asked to review and revise current life paths. Where can you continue to evolve and let go of old programs, beliefs or relationships that aren’t serving your higher self? It’s a powerful reminder of the cycles of life, and the importance of embracing change and growth. This full moon/lunar eclipse phase emphasizes blooming into your best expression and reaching your highest potential.

Friday, May 5 @ 6:30pm
$55 Energy Exchange
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Flower Full Moon
What to Expect

Cary will start the evening with a sound bath, guiding you in to a deeply relaxed state of meditation while the waves of sound surround you and absorb into the mind and body.

Serena opens her channel and will deliver messages as they arrive – there may be moments of spontaneous transmission from Serena before the sound bath resumes, which makes the gathering even more special and powerful.

Afterward, Serena will draw the Tarot cards for the final group messages. There will be a few minutes for questions and feedback before we conclude.