Serena Full Moon Tart Night and Sound Healing March Event- Tuesday, March 7th at 6:30PM $55 Energy Exchange

Full Pink Moon Tarot Night with Serena in April

Join Serena Misquez and Cary for Sound and Spirit Full Moon Tarot Night on Friday, April 7th!

The April Full Moon will be the first full moon of Spring and the astrological New Year; as well as the first full moon after the Spring Equinox.

April’s Full Pink Moon is the perfect opportunity to cleanse ourselves of any lingering cosmic residue we may still be carrying… last month’s full moon may have left us feeling a bit soggy/emotional and slow to take action.

This Pink Moon is all about newness, freshness, and letting go of the things that aren’t meant to be there anymore; a time to Spring Clean our energetic systems and regain psychic BALANCE. Like Spring itself, this beautiful moon is all about rebirth and renewal.

The Pink Moon will occur in the sign of Libra, offering us the ability to make proper adjustments to find balance. (Libra is symbolized by the scales = BALANCE.) A time to attain more equilibrium and to forgive and ask for forgiveness. Where can we get very honest about what needs are not being met? Sometimes, when the scales are finding their way back to the midpoint, there can be some disruption… and that disruption is an indication that what’s meant to happen, is very much happening.

Pink Full Moon

Creator: kostins

What to Expect

Cary will start the evening with a sound bath, guiding you in to a deeply relaxed state of meditation while the waves of sound surround you and absorb into the mind and body.

Serena opens her channel and will deliver messages as they arrive – there may be moments of spontaneous transmission from Serena before the sound bath resumes, which makes the gathering even more special and powerful.

Afterward, Serena will draw the Tarot cards for the final group messages. There will be a few minutes for questions and feedback before we conclude.

Friday, April 7 @ 6:30pm
$55 Energy Exchange
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