sound healing at home featuring sound bowl

Sound Healing at Home

Sound Healing is a powerful way to re-introduce the mind and body’s natural vibrations back into your biofield; to create healing from the inside out. While the Shanti Sound studio is an ideal space to absorb all the benefits of Sound Healing, I wanted to create a way for everyone to experience Sound Healing at Home.  Wherever you live, or to have something available to relax with when you travel, I wanted to create Sound Healing.

Now you can visit my online store to browse multiple Sound Healing recordings.  

All recordings were created by me with the help of my dear friend, Mathew Osmun. 

Whether you prefer Crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls and chimes or a Gong Sound Healing, there’s something to resonate with everyone. And – if you have friends across the country, or even internationally, that can’t attend a Sound Bath in person, this is a helpful and affordable solution to introduce them to Sound Healing. These 25-minute recordings are an easy and effective way to make a short healing meditation a part of your day- whenever you need it. 

Everyone can benefit from Sound Healing at Home!