11-11 Sound Healing and Reiki event with Gretchen Seeck

Friday, 11/11/2022 is a powerful day in Numerology, and we have another special event for you!

Join Cary and Gretchen Seeck for an evening of Sound Bath meditation and a hands-on Reiki healing at 6:30pm at Shanti Sound!

SPACE IS LIMITED to allow enough time for Gretchen to apply her healing hands to each person. We are so excited to join together for this! And – many of you know that 1111 is a high vibration sign as well as an Angel number… here’s more on that below:

The energy of the 11-11 day is asking us to reach new (and deeper) levels of understanding.  Number 1 is an Antenna, or a channel of energy. With 4 of them, 11-11 is a powerful time of initiation, getting into balance, and crossing the threshold from the old into the NEW.

Energy will be able to move through us quickly, and we’re going to be able to process it and manifest more of the physical life we desire. Our purpose can be revealed to us in a deeper way. To receive the light code and downloads of this powerful day, it’s important to go within and be in the silence of your soul.

What a perfect time to go within and immerse yourself in a deeply restorative Sound Bath as Gretchen provides a short Reiki healing for each person. She’ll share the soul feedback she receives with each of you individually afterward. 

ABOUT GRETCHEN: Born and raised in Wyoming, Gretchen Rosendahl Seeck moved to Arizona to attend ASU.  She knew for a long time that her purpose was to help people, but struggled to find her way of doing so that resonated. Enter the hardest years of her life: addiction, trying to find her purpose, gaining sobriety, a new baby… which all led to her greatest triumphs and finding her avenue to help by teaching meditation and embracing energy work.  You can find Gretchen now feeding all her passions; teaching yoga in recovery centers all over the valley, owning her own one-on-one practice of guided meditation + reiki, designing a clothing brand, and doing whatever else she can to bring happiness and love to the people around her.

Friday 11/11/22

6:30pm- 8:30pm 

Shanti Sound, Scottsdale, AZ