11:11 Portal Sound Bath

On Saturday, November 11th at 6pm, join Cary for Sound Healing on the 11-11 portal day!

“November has a unique glow to it, and much of it centers around the magical 11:11 portal on November 11th. When we see numbers like 11, 111, or especially 11:11 pop up throughout the month, it feels more than just a coincidence. These aren’t just ordinary numbers, they are signals from the Universe hinting at blessings, fresh starts, and a boost in our intuition.

Whenever these numbers appear, our intuition sharpens, helping us understand messages and signs around us better.

November can feel like an awakening month, as it has a deep spiritual vibe…. urging us to look inside and truly connect with our feelings and thoughts. Noticing this 1111 sequence is a sign to be present, to notice the changes both around us and within ourselves, and to welcome the new energy that this month brings.

11:11 is a signal, a brief moment when everything aligns seems to align perfectly. It represents the deep bonds we share and the invisible ties that connect souls. In November, it’s a chance for us to think about our year, the moments we’ve cherished, and the relationships that have become even more valuable”. 

 – Empath Planet

11:11 Portal Insights

🌀 Number 1 is an Antenna, or a channel of energy. With 4 of them, 11-11 is a powerful time of initiation, getting into balance, and crossing the threshold from the old into the new. 

🌀 New beginnings. New information in the form of ideas. Inspiration. Inner wisdom. Knowing. 

Be mindful of the whispers of your soul, the signs, symbols, and the synchronicities that are everywhere. Your soul is guiding you all the way; you just need to listen.

🌀  Energy will be able to move through through us quickly and we’re going to be able to process it and manifest more of the physical life we desire. Our purpose can be revealed to us in a deeper way. To receive the gifts of this powerful day, open up to deep healing of Sound and Vibration and be in the silence of your soul. Sound baths boost your immune system, activate the body’s capacity to heal at a cellular level, and create optimal vagus nerve stimulation by transmitting sound frequencies throughout all your bodily systems.

Saturday, November 11 @ 6:00pm
Any single sound bath purchase or existing sound bath package can be used to join. 
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