A Note From Cary- Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Stress and Sound Healing

If you suffer from chronic stress, anxiety and/or depression, it’s an indication that too much emotional repression has occurred. The mind and body are overloaded with unprocessed emotions that have built up and stagnated inside of you: frustration, anger, resentment, fear, helplessness… these are the root causes of diseases and disorders. Emotions are part of the immune system, and these overloads can have devastating health consequences if they aren’t addressed, felt, and processed. All physical symptoms are indicators of energetic imbalances. The good news is, we have complete agency over our health and our future; we just need some different navigational tools to guide us. 

Sound Healing can Relieve Your Stress 

Recently, I ran into two friends (and talked to a couple more on the phone) who told me that they’ve been so stressed out and overwhelmed lately that they are one event away from having a “breakdown”. I also haven’t seen them come in for a sound bath lately, either. Here’s a reminder that you DON’T have to get to this point. When we give ourselves just an hour here and there to go within, to disconnect from the outside world, and utilize sounds and frequencies to rebalance, restore, and reset the nervous system, we then gain the ability to stay more calm and to observe situations with more clarity, rather than being in a state of constant reaction

As someone who struggled with all of these afflictions since childhood and well into my adult years, I can tell you from experience that Sound Healing is a powerfully effective and inexpensive way to relieve this suffering and guide you to a more healthy and balanced state of being. I’m always researching and sharing information from many trusted resources and professionals that have spent their careers researching the Laws of Physics and their relationship to health. I’m grateful to be able to share what I’ve learned with you. 

My Thoughts on David Gibson: The Science of Sound Healing

Here’s some brief information I recently watched on Youtube from David Gibson: a Physicist, author of The Science of Sound Healing, and founder of the Globe Sound Healing Institute in northern California:

“It’s amazing what’s going on in the field of sound and vibration, which includes electromagnetics and light, for the Brain. It’s about healing a whole range of issues, whether it’s anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD, dementia… or, getting people where they can access higher states of consciousness… using frequencies to access an actual State of Oneness with everything in the Universe. 

In that State of Oneness, all information is available to you. Indescribable universal love is there… and it naturally starts healing everything that you have going on. You can’t have depression and anxiety when you are one with the Universe, it’s impossible. 

The basis of what I am seeing, and this has been in ancient traditions, is the body is MUSIC. If you don’t have a good flow within the numerous systems of your body, blockages are the problem: emotional toxins. Once we get the physical body and the brain in alignment, the next big realm is how to work with emotions, so that they don’t hurt us.

Right now, there’s so many people in fear and anxiety, and we can entrain people very precisely into a place of peace and stillness in their brain. And they don’t really have to meditate, they just have to lay there”.

I call Sound Healing “meditation without having to learn how”. You don’t have to practice. You don’t have to prepare. Just come in, get comfortable, and surrender. There’s no talking, no filling out forms, no co-payments, no need to explain yourself, just arrive, check in, lie down with blankets and pillows, and receive. 

Are You Ready for a Sound Bath?

When we consider the costs of other forms of therapy and ways to relieve stress, there aren’t many options out there that can produce the deeply healing range of effects that a sound bath can provide for less than $30. This is an ancient form of medicine that’s been used for thousands of years, and today we’re seeing more and more people beginning to embrace it. I can tell you confidently from my own experiences that these sessions are life-changing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. 

One hour sound baths at Shanti Sound are $29.00 for a single session, and even less when you purchase a package of sessions. Any package can be shared with family and friends. Private one-to-one sessions, group sessions, corporate retreat sessions and any other type of special gatherings are available by appointment as well.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime with questions, and I look forward to seeing you at Shanti Sound very soon. 

~ Cary, Owner of Shanti Sound