Bliss Planet Feature


“Recently Brenna, an owner of Arcadia Beauty Bar, a girlfriend of mine told me she had gone to a powerful sound bath with powerful breath work. She had had such a profound experience she was hosting one for her community. I was blessed to get an invitation to this amazing experience. On a very unassuming corner in Scottsdale is a complex that hosts a space that is illuminating.  I walked in and I was immediately greeted by the owner. She said welcome to Shanti Sound, please make yourself comfortable and enjoy yourself. 

What a beautiful space,  It was very inviting and call me. It was pretty standard they had the mats, the blankets, the bolsters, and all the typical things that you would find in a healing studio. What was different was that Cary was partnered up with a gentleman by the name of Ryan McBurney who is a breath master. What a powerful experience to start with breath work and then go into a very powerful sound bath. 

The experience of having a sound bath after doing intense breath work was life-changing. I had to stop and ask Cary what her motivation was? How did you get from point A to now living your vision!!!!”

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