Group of participants laying on mats participating in Breathwork + Sound Healing

Breathwork + Sound Healing: An Incredible Journey

After our April Breathwork + Sound Healing event, we received feedback from one of our attendees, Stacy. These are his words below.

“Let me tell you about a recent experience….

A close friend of mine invited me to join him for a two-hour meditation session. I said yes without hesitation because I truly enjoy meditating and the benefits it provides. Well, this was no typical session. It took place in Old Town Scottsdale on a beautiful hot sunny day (indoors, thankfully – 🙌🏽 ) at an amazing, air-conditioned studio with about 15 or so other individuals – very intimate. When we walked in, the space was moderately lit with evenly spaced-out rows of yoga mats, a calming aroma, eye coverings, a pillow to rest your head, and handmade blankets to cover your body, all neatly placed about the room. Instantly, I was impressed and excited. Not knowing these items would be provided, I came prepared with my blue yoga mat, a blanket, an eye covering, a journal to document my experience, and water (thanks to my friend’s recommendation). The pillow provided was a bonus!

After placing our shoes in a storage compartment positioned by the door, we proceeded to take our place on a mat of our choosing. It was at that moment; I knew this was no typical meditation session. As I positioned myself comfortably in a seated posture with my legs folded, eyes fixed on not one but two instructors, each responsible for their own segment. While awaiting guidance, my ears were instantly invaded by the soothing meditation sounds flowing from the speakers, followed by the captivating voices of instructors, each explaining their segments. 

“Welcome to our Breathwork and Sound Healing Experience, and thank you for spending your afternoon with us. This session will have two parts; the first part will be breathwork taking you deep into your inner-being (bringing you into awareness of self), and the second will be sound healing for balance and allowing for a deeper connection.” The instructors also provided a brief historical overview of these ancient practices’ healing and transformative powers, dating back over a thousand years. Shortly after the overview, we laid back, put on our eye-covering, snuggled in blankets, closed our eyes, and away we drifted with two amazing guides.

For the next two hours, every fiber of my being went on an incredible journey. A journey where I encountered beautiful colors (each with a specific meaning), overcame obstacles of negative energy that was not serving me, and ended my journey at a refreshing waterfall of tears (message me to hear more 😉)

Why share all this? I share because I’m grateful that my friend invited me to join his healing and self-care journey because he knew I needed a mental break and release. I share to inspire you to free your mind as you acknowledge mental health awareness month. Don’t just talk about mental health awareness – take action! 

Namaste 🧘🏽‍♂️ Stacy Simmons”

Whether you’re joining for next-level healing or still considering trying this for the first time, don’t wait any longer to sign up and make this a part of your wellness plan!

The Breathwork and Sound Healing experience is hosted monthly with Ryan McBurney and Cary- now offered with Virtual Attendance also.