Sarah Tovey in Shanti Sound

Coming Home February Full Moon Event with Sarah Tovey

Join Cary and Sarah Tovey for Coming Home: A Full Moon Gathering on Saturday, February 24th at 6:30pm!
Sound bath, Astrology discussion and a collective Tarot reading for the group.

♓️ Pisces Sun / ♍️ 🌕 Virgo Moon AND the numerology of 224224!

Virgo is all about facing facts, pragmatism and reality. This planetary configuration can influence increased communication and mental activity.

The February Snow Moon delivers a month of transformation, growth, introspection and mindful action. As the final full moon of winter, the 2024 Snow Moon is an important and powerful time to prepare for new beginnings.

We may feel the need to organize everything and this lunation highlights ways we can be more tolerant. Trust, surrender, and let life run the way it will; not everything should be according to our expectations.

Along with organization, Virgo is about wellness, which is a strong vibration of this full moon: making adjustments to our routines to increase productivity, evaluating what’s worth our time and energy, and how to better care for your ourselves to decrease stress.

Come and join us on this magical evening, set your intentions and receive the messages waiting for you.

Saturday, February 24th @ 6:30pm
$55 Energy Exchange
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Sarah Marie Tovey moved to Arizona in 2007. She grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since moving to Arizona, Sarah has taken on an evolution of self, tapping into her community and medicine as well as being a wife, mother, hairdresser and podcaster. Sarah’s background in breathwork and energetic work allows her to embody a “modern mystic”; breaking down stereotypes of spiritual practices and connecting them to ourselves. Sarah created the series “Coming Home”. With this series she’s guided groups through seasonal shifts, historical energetics and breathwork while collaborating with various practitioners to introduce the public to self healing support and tools. Currently, Sarah is getting her certification in Astrology in a year-long program. She continues her breathwork education yearly with BAM out of Alpine, Utah.