Breathwork and Sound Healing

July Breathwork + Sound Healing: Virtual & In Person

Ryan and Cary are back in July with the Breathwork and Sound Healing Experience!

Join us In Person OR Online through our Virtual Access on either (or both!) of these dates:

Friday, July 21 @6:30PM
Sunday, July 23 @2PM

We continue to hear the most incredible feedback from our guests- “I’d like to share that a week and a half ago, I had done a sound bath and breath work at one of Cary’s events. During this time my body was shaking from head to toe, it did that through the whole session. What I found out is, it was trauma leaving the body. I felt so good, I felt lighter, I felt free, it might sound a little weird but I felt renewed. So much insight I had received that night, and I have continued to receive it a week half later. I stand and walk taller. I feel the weight of the world was removed”.


Whether you’re joining for more next-level healing or still considering trying this for the first time, don’t wait any longer to sign up and make this a part of your wellness plan.

We’ll start with a short group intention setting and settle into what our individual focus is for this experience.. 

Then we’ll delve into the Breath to release, restore, and inspire as you create transformation within your mind, body, and spirit.

A simple breathing technique will take you on a journey within where you’ll realign with your higher self.

As you experience bliss in your breath journey, you’ll continue to receive healing and alignment afterward through the frequencies and vibrations of Sound Healing.

Class will end with a voluntary sharing circle and integration.


The event will be offered in person and will also be live streamed via Zoom through Wellness Living so that participants can experience Breathwork with Ryan and Sound Healing with Cary from the comfort of their home. 


In Person at Shanti Sound on Friday, July 21 @6:30PM
In Person at Shanti Sound on Sunday, July 23 @2PM

$44 energy exchange

Attend Virtually Friday July 21 @6:30PM
Attend Virtually Sunday July 23 @ 2PM
$22 energy exchange

We are offering a virtual ticket to this event!

To get the most of the Virtual Experience, we recommend AirPods or another type of noise cancelling headphones, a comfortable spot to lay down and setting up your space for no interruptions. Please make sure to test your internet connection ahead of time and join the Zoom on time.