Breathwork and Sound Healing with Ryan McBurney June 23 at Shanti Sound

June Breathwork and Sound Healing Experience

Join Ryan McBurney and Cary for the June Breathwork and Sound Healing Experience – ONE DAY ONLY! 

We’re at Shanti Sound on Sunday, June 23rd at 2:00pm. 

Use these two powerful methods to get mind and body attuned and aligned – it is such a powerful addition to your wellness program.

Combining these two healing modalities into one experience is twice as powerful for resetting the nervous system, releasing repressed emotions, detoxifying the mind and body, boosting the immune system, lowering oxidative stress and dramatically increasing oxygen levels in the blood, to name just a few of the benefits!

Breathwork and Sound Healing are ancient forms of natural medicine that will change your life, as they have for us. Ryan creates a new trance playlist every time to expand your breathwork journey; Cary guides you deeper into the meditative state with sound healing instruments that correct compromised or blocked vibrations in the mind and body and restore resonance to the cells. You’ll leave feeling so much clarity, calm, peace and a renewed version of yourself.

No prior experience is required! Join us and transform, the time is now…whether this is the first time you’re trying it out or you attend on a regular basis, you’re in a safe and supported space with us!!



In Person at Shanti Sound on Sunday, June 23 @2PM
$55 energy exchange