A story of healing and transformation: woman sitting cross legged

Megg: A Story of Healing and Transformation

Megg, 36 years old, has been a Hairstylist for 17 years and currently lives and works in Scottsdale, Arizona. In childhood, Megg experienced every trauma under the sun, and never had an outlet. She never went to mom or dad to share what had happened, but rather just suppressed her experiences and emotions. Megg grew up very religious; yes, prayer was definitely part of her life, but more as a forced belief than a connection to a higher power.

These days, Megg would describe herself as not necessarily religious, but very spiritual. She has found it far better to sit and meditate; to receive, than to ask. In fact, the gift comes with being able to sit and connect to a higher Source, trusting that whatever you need, you are given. 

Where The Healing Starts

Megg started her journey of exploring alternative healing modalities about 2 years ago. In 2021, Megg started questioning a lot of things – “What am I doing?” “Where am I going?” She observed herself working all the time, with no boundaries, and constantly saying YES to everything and everyone even if it didn’t align with what she really wanted. 

Around this time, she was introduced to Cary and Sound Healing at Shanti Sound. Megg felt an energetic shift after attending her first Sound Bath, physically noticing her wrist trembling and fingers twitching but also acknowledging a change in her mental/emotional state, and genuinely feeling safe and secure. She was unsure of what exactly was going on, but she knew it was transforming her in a positive way. 

In the days following the Sound Bath, Megg began to openly feel more emotions; she started crying for the first time that she could remember! Prior to that, Megg had never really allowed herself to feel the ups and downs of life, to acknowledge her emotions, and what anxiety was; now she knew that this experience was “emotional awakening”. 

Surrender Leads to Guidance

Megg kept going to Sound Baths because the feeling was so good, but she also noticed afterward that things would eventually fall back to where they were before. She knew she needed to dig deeper and next explored Reiki. Her life again shifted dramatically. Suddenly Megg had the awareness, “I am more than a hairstylist” and no longer wanted to give from an empty cup, realizing – “I need to be filled too!”

During this Reiki session, Megg felt energy blockages being removed and her higher self coming into alignment. With these major shifts came surrender; she felt she was being guided by a higher power.

This guidance quickly led Megg to more Sound Baths and cold plunges; calling it “spiritual maintenance” and an overall exploration of healing her nervous system. She began to make the connection that trauma (from childhood and what continues to build up as we grow) is stored in our bodies, and that the healing modalities she’d been pursuing have the power to help release and heal this trauma. 

Megg observed that the more she participated in these healing techniques and really leaned into her practice, the more she felt at Peace. Instead of being in fight or flight, she began aligning. In the past, Megg had become really good at “keeping it together”, but inside felt a lot of sadness. The more that she dove into this healing journey, she began to feel as if she had finally awakened to finding herself, to coming home.

The Changes That Led to Alignment

In January of 2022, Megg suddenly kept hitting roadblocks in many areas of her life, especially with work, and before she knew it she was practically forced to switch career goals. Work had alway been a difficult and toxic place to be and Megg simply did not feel aligned to continue with the way things were going. She thought: “this is it! I cannot go any further on this path”; and just like that, with this new awareness, she felt the gifts beginning to arrive. 

With the surrender, her new answers began lining up. After being required to take time off from work in February, Megg was presented with the path to launch her own business and work for herself. This was the most beautiful unfolding that she never expected!

A New Way of Living- Trusting Her Higher Self

Fast forward to 2023, Megg is seeing more and more of the benefits of all the work she did last year. “I feel like I am able to understand; I am able to receive and be open.”  Now Megg practices Yoga monthly and attends Sound Baths regularly. Megg feels that rather than therapy where you have to relive your trauma, with these types of modalities you simply show up and you can heal, release, and move forward. 

People are also noticing that Megg looks happy and healthy. “Others are experiencing the difference in me too! If I can do it, anyone can.” Megg truly believes and likes to reassure others, “Things are going to be okay. The pain will leave and the hurt will go away.”

Previously living in protective mode, not knowing what it was like to trust, Megg relates that it feels good to be guided. Her mindset now is “just take me anywhere, I trust you.” While Megg has never been in this place of surrender and trust before, she 100% believes she is being guided by something greater than her.

So, what does the future hold for Megg? “I feel like there is something more for me but I don’t know what yet. My first love is being a hairdresser; when you look good, you feel good.” But as she continues to open up, Megg knows there is more of her gift to share in this life!

Her one piece of advice when attending a Sound Bath- “Come open and be present. No expectations – you will have a greater experience.”