Megg, Part Two: Opening Up to Receive by Letting Go

Recently, during the Breathwork and Sound Healing event with Ryan McBurney, Megg, from our Blog Megg: A Story of Healing and Transformation, had another transformational experience on her trauma healing journey. 

 “I’d like to share that a week and a half ago, I had done a sound bath and breathwork at one of Cary’s events. During this time my body was shaking from head to toe, it did that through the whole session. What I found out is, it was trauma leaving the body. I felt so good, I felt lighter, I felt free, it might sound a little weird but I felt renewed. So much insight I had received that night, and I have continued to receive it a week half later. I stand and walk taller. I feel the weight of the world was removed”.

Discovering Peace in the “Let Go”

During the beginning Breathwork portion, Megg noticed her body shaking and this time she wasn’t scared; she recognized the nervous system release taking place and stayed open to receiving. Megg has been noticing that when she connects with a higher power, she continues to receive messages of FORGIVENESS. 

During the event, Ryan held Megg’s shoulders and told her “it’s okay to let go”. In the next moment, Megg had a rush of emotions and started crying a little, and then felt a complete sense of peace. The sound bath started shortly after and when Megg got up after the event concluded, she felt SO good. She noticed that things seemed lighter and brighter – almost like she had just been on a Disneyland ride! 

The Healing Continues After the Event

One of the things we like to mention to Sound Healing recipients is that the healing doesn’t stop when you walk out the door. There are many after effects that can continue to create a release and further transformation. In fact, after the June Breathwork and Sound Healing event, Megg got a strong message to start letting go of her attachment to material things- money, traditional “life” things. She started reprogramming her thought patterns to live in the present moment, not survival mode. She doesn’t worry nearly as much as before; she finds that when you worry, you add so much stress to your life that just isn’t necessary. In fact, when you just believe you’re going to be okay, you really are okay!

A couple days later, Megg attended a Yoga class and was given time to meditate at the end. She had an amazing experience and envisioned herself as a Phoenix soaring through the air. In her vision, Megg became frightened and said to herself, “what if I fall?” She then heard her higher self reassure her that she could just get back up and try again. 

This beautiful message has continued to resonate for Megg. She relates, “there are lots of ways to experience trauma. Everyone deserves to get to this point of not holding on and getting to be free. Essentially I have been reborn and found myself.”

Breathwork and Sound Healing have continued to play an integral part in Megg’s spiritual maintenance and while she understands that her healing journey is ongoing, the feeling everyday that she experiences from taking the time to balance her nervous system is transformational. 

Are you ready to balance your nervous system and experience the healing that comes from Breathwork and Sound Healing?

Shanti Sound owner, Cary, teams up monthly with Breathwork Master, Ryan McBurney. Check out the Shanti Sound schedule to find the next event. This monthly event is also offered ONLINE, so you can join from anywhere! 

Megg’s final words on the Breathwork and Sound Healing event: “I don’t even know how to express it- you have to experience it yourself!”