Private Group Sound Bath

Sound Healing Private Group Event

Shanti Sound is a space that was created for Sound Healing. In addition to Weekly Sound Baths, Cary is available for a Private Group Event.

Perfect for a birthday party, bachelorette, staff team building or family gathering, a Sound Bath is welcoming for all types of guests. Best part is- Shanti Sound has it all.

At the start of the Sound Bath, guests will be asked to get comfortable on a yoga mat provided by the Studio, complimented by blankets and bolsters. Eye coverings are also available for those wanting extra-dark coverage. 

The Sound Bath in total will take approximately one hour, beginning with a meditation led by Cary. Sound bowls representing the chakras, gongs, drums and chimes are just some of the sounds that you will hear as Cary guides the Private Group Event on a beautiful healing journey. 

Attendees can expect to receive benefits from the Sound Healing included, but not limited to, reduced stress, anxiety, pain, blood pressure and improved sleep. 

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