Sound Baths: A Spa Experience On A Budget

Recently, some of my girlfriends planned a trip to Scottsdale. They saw their favorite resort had a summer special running offering a fantastic rate per night. Before arriving, they were excited about booking treatments at the world-renowned spa facilities. Eventually they decided against any spa treatments due to the high prices, such as $165.00 or more for a 50-minute massage or facial (before gratuity). 

I know from experience that even in the Arizona summers, a luxury spa treatment can easily add up to over $225.00 for one person. So instead, my friends came to the Full Moon event that weekend for $55.00 each and had a wonderful time. They were so grateful for the opportunity to do something healthy, fun, relaxing and inexpensive- it was one of the highlights of their trip!

That made me think: why do we go for spa treatments?

They’re self-care experiences of deep relaxation, detoxification, restoration, disconnecting from the outside world, and something to do as a group on a vacation getaway… and these are some of the same benefits of a Sound Bath. There are a multitude of powerful healing outcomes that are happening during a Sound Healing session that can transform your health and your life, for a lot less than the cost of one spa treatment. 

If you desire a private Sound Healing session for yourself, a Couple’s experience, or a small or large group for any occasion such as a Bachelorette weekend, girls’ trip, birthday celebration, family reunion or celebration, Shanti Sound can deliver a Spa Experience on a Budget to you with no additional gratuities, taxes or fees. It’s also something unique and different for a company day out or stress reducing activity during a corporate event or conference. 

Whatever the occasion, a Sound Healing session will provide deep relaxation, nervous system reset, mood regulation, a boost to the immune system, lower blood pressure, and some much needed time to go within.

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