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Katie’s Story: The Healing Power of Sound Baths

The Switch that Flipped Her Life

In April 2022, at the age of 35, Katie began experiencing a variety of abnormal symptoms that made her “not feel herself”. After running a blood panel, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Hashimotos.

She immediately found a blended practitioner that could provide a balance of holistic and western remedies to help her stabilize her condition. Ideally, Katie wanted to manage her healing with as little pharmaceuticals as possible, starting with a holistic approach first. At this time, her thyroid was still functioning but the antibodies were very present. The provider mentioned that by managing her diet, exercise and overall lifestyle, Katie could slow the progression to hypothyroidism.

How Sound Baths Became an Additional Channel of Healing

With this new diagnosis and recommendation, Katie changed her lifestyle overnight and jumped all-in to an autoimmune protocol diet. (No easy task, if you’ve checked this out before!) This meant cutting out a good chunk of her normal foods and beverages and a BIG change to social interactions that involved eating and drinking. 

About a month into this new lifestyle, with Katie taking as many steps as possible to delay the lasting effects of hypothyroidism, her cousins were planning a trip to Arizona. This brought up lots of stress, as happy hours and nights out were no longer an option for Katie. In exploring activities that would be conducive to her new lifestyle, and in particular did not involve food, the idea of a Sound Bath came up. Katie had been to a Sound Bath before, maybe once or twice, but had not previously built them into her overall wellness routine. 

Katie did a quick Google search to find local studios and Shanti Sound popped up. Katie and her cousins booked into the Wednesday 12pm session. They found Shanti Sound to be an intimate, welcoming setting that immediately created a wave of calm. For such an affordable rate ($29) the girls were extremely impressed with the top shelf experience they received. 

Now to Make Sound Baths a Regular Thing

After her cousins went back home, Katie quickly became a frequent flier at Shanti Sound. She found that Sound Baths brought her a profound state of happiness and relaxation – a little “corner of joy” in a mentally challenging situation. But quickly Katie learned that feeling was just the surface level understanding of things. Sound Baths were not only a way to get out and do something that fit into her new lifestyle, but an activity that actually added to it. 

In contining to regularly attend Sound Baths, Katie began to notice something more; she related, “as I kept going, don’t get me wrong it was still relaxing, but I started to experience other things.”

With ongoing visits to her Doctor, Katie started to see improvements in her blood pressure. 

Suddenly, Katie acknowledged the major benefit of adding Sound Healing to her health and wellness routine. As we know, living a perfectly healthy life takes a range of different approaches and Katie did make drastic changes to her daily routine, and especially eating habits. However, she began to realize that the addition of regularly attending Sound Baths was an enhancer to the success of managing her condition. 

As a component of her healing therapies, Katie claims that one of the most notable benefits she has received with consistent Sound Baths is that it helps her energy and stress management in surviving this lifestyle. It’s extremely hard to be so diligent and committed in the world we live in where convenient and modified foods are everywhere.

With Sound Baths, Katie can feel her body thanking her! As she lays there on her mat, Katie recognizes she just needs to be open to receiving the vibrations; without thinking about it, her body absorbs the sound and the healing frequencies “just know where to go”. Katie relates leaving with a clear head, “vibrating in a great way”. 

Sound Healing is Here to Stay!

After a 9-month journey focused on Sound Healing, Katie loves to reflect on how she felt at the beginning compared to now. Sound Baths are a huge part of her lifestyle and she can’t imagine not attending on a regular basis.

“With other healing modalities, you may achieve what you want and then it drops off”. Sound Healing is something Katie feels she will always benefit from in so many ways – from stress management to physical ailments. As she likes to say, “Sound Bath is the perfect name for it! Everything is in the right place when you walk out the door”.


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