Cary Ballou

What Is Sound Healing?

Everything in the Universe is in a state of vibration. All living things on Earth emit and absorb specific frequencies, traveling within and around us at all times. Sound, the vibration of Energy, is everywhere, and constant; it travels at distances and levels far beyond the human hearing range. Thus Sound Healing can occur without us even knowing. Every single part of our minds and bodies, from the electromagnetic signals in our brains down to the atomic particles within the cells, has its own unique vibration. 

Under the best conditions, the human body is in Harmony or a healthy state of being. When one or more of our vibrations are out of balance, or not resonating properly, these imbalances cause Non-Harmonious issues in the mind and body. These can present as chronic illness, chronic pain, mental and emotional imbalances, and all other states of disease. These blockages can be caused by traumas that happen throughout our lifetimes, prolonged states of stress, repressed emotions, and negative and/or harmful environmental conditions.

For thousands of years, human beings from every corner of the world have used sound healing and music to heal themselves, by restoring the multitudes of vibrations within us to their optimal frequencies. No matter what our spiritual backgrounds are, through the mystical grace of energy, frequency, and vibration, we can guide ourselves to better, physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. It is truly “Sending Good Vibes” to ourselves, and to the world around us, as those vibrations also resonate outward from within us.

Sound Healing instruments relax the mind into the meditative state, the Alpha-Theta brainwave state. Through the laws of Physics, as the active mind calms, the subconscious mind and body absorb the vibrations of the instruments and begin to immediately synchronize the lower vibrations within us back to their optimal frequencies. Sound Healing assists the MIND in healing the BODY. We all have the power to heal ourselves; Sound Healing accelerates this process.

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