Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing with Cary & Shawnda Bauer

Join Cary and Shawnda Bauer for a beautiful post holiday deeply healing reset- Enjoy a guided Yoga Nidra meditation and a sound bath. Detoxify, relax and reset with this special offering to clear your energy field after Thanksgiving.

Yoga Nidra, similar to meditation but not as active, allows you to drop into a guided state of conscious deep relaxation. This can also be referred to as psychic sleep. During this meditation, we are allowed to witness and separate ourselves from our emotions and be in a state of observation instead.

This creates a release of tension and provides the mind and body with restoration and balance. In this deep brainwave state, we can experience a dramatic reduction in stress levels, inflammation, and enjoy an uptake of oxytocin, serotonin, and GABA.


Shawnda is a mixed media artist and a transpersonal therapist. After a 15 year career as a professional photographer, Shawnda followed her calling into the healing arts field in 2018 after experiencing several major life transitions. Becoming a certified clinical in transpersonal hypnotherapist, energy psychology and somatic body work practitioner, Shawnda‘s main focus is on assisting clients holistically, by releasing toxic stress, trauma and imbalances in the emotional and energy bodies. She is also pursuing a masters degree in professional counseling and provides a variety of integrative healing services such as past life regression, emotional freedom technique, sound therapy and intuitive and integrative body work. you can find out more about Shawnda and her services at

Saturday, November 26 @2pm