New Moon Sound Healing + Channeling with Shannon

Join us on the New Moon in Scorpio for an evening of Sound Healing and channeled Spirit messages with special guest Shannon Sondrol

Shannon and Cary met in 2020 and did several events together at Abundant Space – this will be the first time we reconnect for an event at Shanti Sound! 

Shannon is a Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Channeler and Energy Healer. She will be speaking about the current energies we are in and how to best navigate those in the present moment and throughout the rest of the year.

The New Moon in Scorpio and Solar Eclipse illuminate our emotional and financial investments, and possibly challenge them. We can take steps towards self-mastery and self-empowerment by tackling things that undermine us and those that take away our power. We might work on intimacy, not only with others but also with ourselves. It’s about strengthening ourselves from the inside out. 

Shannon will begin with a guided meditation, to release your day and help you to get present, centered and grounded, and then Cary will drop the group into the sound healing. 

During the Sound Healing, Shannon will channel messages from Spirit for the group, which she’ll share afterward. You’ll get the chance to ask a question or receive a reading as well. 

All the messages that come through will be meant for the group, and not just the individual person. If you desire a HIGH VIBRATIONAL, vibrant group setting, then this is for you!


Event Info: 

Wednesday, October 26th @ 6:30pm

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